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Fine-tune your orthopedic
examinations with EnCoRE

Access Elanco’s Canine Orthopedic Examination training hub (EnCORE). EnCORE was developed in association with and presented by Dr. Duncan Lascelles, a leading specialist in small animal pain management. Our series of training videos will help refresh and perfect your orthopedic examination skills today.

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EnCoRE provides

11 step-by-step


A real-time

materials and

Suitable for different
learning styles

EnCORE provides convenient and flexible training materials to suit any learning preference. Fit the videos to your schedule, from bite-sized videos if you have just five minutes to spare, or long-form options when you have more time.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Observation
  3. Overall assessment
  4. Fore limb
  5. Hind limb
  6. Wrap up
  7. Tools
  8. Real-time orthopedic exam
  9. Elbow exam
  10. Stifle exam
  11. Hip exam
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