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Your essential
OA assessment hub

Elanco’s Orthopedic Health Assistant helps you diagnose, monitor and learn more about canine OA. Access the innovative canine OA staging tool (COAST), the digital LOAD questionnaire and the expert-led training materials all in one place.

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Diagnose, stage and monitor OA

Our online tools provide a standardized approach to diagnosis and monitoring.

Tools you need all in ONE place

Record pet owner
observations with
the Liverpool
in Dogs (LOAD)
digital questionnaire

Grade and stage
your patient’s OA
using the
digital Canine
Staging Tool (COAST)

Save patient
results so you can monitor over time

Fine-tune your
orthopedic exam
skills with the Elanco
Canine Orthopedic
(EnCORE) course.

Help with early Intervention

Subtle or intermittent changes in your patients’ behavior can be warning signs of canine OA, but they can go unnoticed, particularly in the early stages of the disease.1

Elanco’s Orthopedic Health Assistant helps you initiate early discussion of the condition with dog owners so they can spot the signs sooner and understand when they need to consult you.

Help to act early

Flexible for you

The tools are designed to fit around your practice schedule. Pet owners can fill out the questionnaire in the waiting room, during the consultation or at home. Radiography results can also be added to the overall evaluation. The tools can be used by a single clinician or a multi-disciplinary team.

Our digital and mobile tools mean you can watch examination tips from a leading orthopedic specialist while at work, during your break or at home.

Help to act early
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